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These menus are presented buffet style.
(Minimum order of €350, unless otherwise agreed.)

1. Spanish Buffet €45 per person

Garlic and lemon chicken
Pimientos padrón (mini green peppers)
Potato a la Brava
Chorizo (spicy sausage)

Russian salad
Seafood salad with red peppers
Spanish cold cut platter
Spanish cheese platter

Salsa rosa

Lemon tart with natillas de vanilla crème
Fruit salad

2. Argentinian BBQ €50 per person 


Sirloin steak

Entraña / Skirt steak
Chicken cursado

Provolone cheese grilled
Roast potato
Grilled corn

Tomato and red onion with balsamico
Rustic salad with feta cheese



Raw BBQ sauce

Crepes with toffee sauce ice cream and fruits

3. Asian Buffet €55 per person 

Yakitori chicken skewers
Beef skewers marinated in ginger and garlic
Sriracha spiced prawns
Vegetable wok with herbs and sesame oil
Grilled pineapple
Basmati rice

Cashew nuts
Sushi maki platter
Noodle salad
Melon and cucumber with spiced with ginger and lime

Sauces & side:
Gari gingery
Spicy Mayo

Pan fried chocolate banana spring roll with vanilla ice cream and fruits

4.Menu BBQ buffet: 55 per person 

Marinated entrecote
Chicken breast w dijon and oregano
Jumbo prawns
BBQ vegetable
Grilled corn

Green salad
Mayo potato salad with chili and leak
Selected Cheeses
Bread rolls

BBQ sauce
Chipotlé creme cheese
Estragon and garlic butter

Fruit platter with vanilla custard with cinnamon

5. Lebanese Buffet €45 per person

Roast peppers filled with spiced minced meat

Tomato and red onion salad with mentha
Mint yogurt
Peas and herbs
Cashew nuts
Eggplant puree with tortilla bread

Upside down cheesecake with toffee, chocolate crumble, honey and berries

6. American/ Mexican Buffet €40 per person

100% Beef mini hamburger (sliders)
BBQ glazed spare ribs
Chicken wings
French fries


Selected greens for tacos

Garlic yogurt
Grated cheese
Smokey BBQ sauce

Raspberry Cheesecake
Chocolate mousse

7. Seafood, (price by request)

National Galician lobster
Canadian lobster 600g- 800g
King crab legs
Mediterranean crab 600g
Boiled prawns
Pan fried prawns
Clams in white wine and garlic
Tiger prawns
Marinated galas
Pan fried scallops

Cheese quiche
Saffron aioli
Sweet Chili
Garlic butter
Mary rose dip sauce

Butter and cheese
Baguette and bread

8. Tropical buffet €50 per person

BBQ chicken satays served on banana leafs
Prawns on the BBQ
Beef “bistec” on fresh tacos with coriander
Mango/chili glazed beef skewers
Grilled corn
Batata (sweet potato)
Padrón (mini green peppers)
Coconut rice with soybeans

Mayo potato salad with chili and apple
Tropical guacamole
Hawaiian prawn salad

Saffron aioli
Sweet chili pineapple
Coconut/red curry yogurt

Exotic fruit platter with coconut flavoured custard

9 .Canape Finger food (price by request)

Melon and bellota ham
Watermelon, cured ham, feta cheese and mint
Chorizo on skewer
Crispy bread with tapenade and manchego
Sushi maki rolls
Toast Skagen
Blinis with trout caviar and creme fraiche
Smoked duck with roasted red peppers and dried onion
Smoked salmon, cottage cheese and rocket rolls
Smoked salmon with croutons, remoulade and horseradish
Smoked salmon, asparagus and cream cheese wraps
Marinated salmon (gravlax) with mustard sauce
Creme of gorgonzola mixed up with strips of roast beef
Blue cheese with grapes
Selection of spring rolls with dips
Pizza crackers with tomato tartar
Nachos with a taste of Mexican veg tartar
Swedish meatballs with pickled cucumber
Amazing mini burger (sliders)
Gratinated petit mushroom Crackers
Mini beef steak tartar on a garlic rcoûte with bearnaise sauce
Mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, and basil leaves
Roquefort and peach bruschetta
Chicken satay skewer with peanut sauce
Crostini with smoked bacon, aubergine, and toasted pine nuts
Mini cherry tomato and goat cheese tartlets
Crab meat with sesame oil and mayo
Thai prawns with sweet chili dipping sauce
Herb chicken wrapped in Serrano and served with aioli
Foie Gras on raisin cracker and red marmalade
Seared tuna with gari ginger
Salmon sashimi lollipops with light wasabi creme
Manchego sticks wrapped in serrano ham

10. Sushi maki menu

1)Atún Picante Tobiko Rojo: Alga Nori, Aguacate, Pepino, Atún, Cebollino, y Kochujan (Pasta Picante c/miso) € 14
2)Salmón Láminas: Alga Nori, Aguacate, Tobiko Naranja, Pepino, Wasabi mayonnaise, Salmón y Eneldo € 12
3)Vieiras Láminas: Alga Nori, Salmóm, Aguacate, Wasabi mayonnaise, Tobiko Naranja, Sésamo y Vieiras € 14
4)Salmón Picante Sésamo: Alga nori, Aguacate, Pepino, Salmón, Cebollino, y
Kochujan (Pasta Picante c/miso) € 12
5)California Tobiko Naranja: Alga Nori, Aguacate, Pepino, Surimi y Wasabi mayonnaise € 8
6)Anguilla Láminas: Alga Nori, Anguilla, Pepino, Aguacate, Sansho ko € 22
7)Aguacate Láminas: Alga Nori, Anguilla, Pepino, Aguacate, Sansho ko, Papel de Arroz € 18
8)Tobiko Verde: Alga Nori, Aguacate, Atún y Wasabi mayonnaise €14
9)Ebi, Vieira, Pepino Láminas: Alga Nori, Carne de Cangrejo, Cebollino, Masago Naranja y Wasabi mayonnaise € 16
10)Pato Cebolla Frita: Alga Nori, Pato, Lechuga, Cebolleta, Pepino y Salsa de Pato Pekín €16
11)Vegetariano Eneldo: Alga Nori, Esparragos, Pimiento rojo asado en aceite de oliva, Aguacate, Lechuga, Zanahoria marinade en Miso y Yogurt € 8
12)Masago Naranja: Alga Nori, Sushi Ebi, Aguacate, Esparragos, Mayonesa Kochujan (pasta Picante) € 12
13)Masago Verde: Alga Nori, Carne de Cangrejo, Pepino, Cebollino, Mayonesa Kochujan (pasta Picante) y Yuzukosho (Pasta Picante de Yuzu y Chili) € 13
14)Spring roll Sésamo: Alga Nori, Salmón, Shichimi chilli (chilli japonés) Aguacate, Tobiko Naranja € 12
15)Tempura 1: Alga Nori, Queso fundido, Pimiento rojo asado en aceite de oliva, Esparragos y Zanahoria marinado en Miso y Yogurt
16)Tempura 2: Alga Nori, Queso fundido, Pimiento rojo asado en aceite de oliva, Esparragos € 717)Panko: Alga Nori, Salmón, Esparragos, Wasabi, Shichimi chilli (chilli japonés)
€ 18
18)Mango Wrap: Hoja Mango, Mango Fresco, Cangrejo de Río, Lechuga, Manzana Granny, Mayonesa Japonésa, y Yuzukosho (Pasta picante de Yuzu y Chili) € 12
19)Mango Chipotle Wrap: Hoja Mango Chipotle, Kanimi, Mango Fresco, Tobiko Naranja y Salsa de Mango miso € 12
20)Zanahoria Jengibre Wrap: Hoja Zanahoria Jengibre, Zanahoria marinado con Miso y Yogurt, Sushi Ebi, Esparragos verdes y Lechuga Mezclum € 12
21)Piña Habanero Wrap: Hoja Piña Habanero, Sushi Ebi, Aguacate y Yuzukosho (Pasta picante de Yuzu y Chili) € 11
22)Tomate Wrap: Hoja Tomate, Esparragos, Pepino, Zanahoria marinado con Miso y Yogurt y Lechuga Mezclun € 13
23)Limón Wrap: Hoja Limón, Carne de Cangrejo, Cebollino, Mayonesa Kochujan (pasta picante) Aguacate y Pepino € 11
24)Yuzu Wrap: Hoja de Yuzu, Salmón, Pepino, Aguacate, Yuzu en polvo y Yuzu-Koshoo € 10
25)Pollo: Alga Nori, Pechuga de pollo y Mayonesa japonesa € 10
26)Hosomaki Salmón: Alga Nori y Salmón €10
27)Hosomaki Atún: Alga Nori y Atún € 9
28)Hosomaki Pepino: Alga Nori, Pepino y Yukari (Shiso rojo seco) € 5
29)Hosomaki Tamago: Alga Nori, Tamago (omelette japonés) y Pepino € 6
30)Hosomaki Pimiento Rojo: Alga Nori, Pimiento Rojo asado y Zanahoria € 6
31)Hosomaki Crab Stick: Alga Nori, Crab Stick, Tobiko Naranja y Miso Mango salsa € 5
32)Vegetariano Nori: Alga Nori, Queso, Cebolla Frita, Aguacate y Manzana Granny € 7
33)Masago Verde 2: Alga Nori, Kanimi Crab legs, Pepino y Salsa de Mango € 9
34)Atún Tataki: Alga Nori, Atún marinado Tataki, Rúcula, Crema de Wasabi, y Cebollino picado €15
35)Sushi Ebi Sésamo: Alga Nori, Sushi Ebi, Mizuna, Aguacate, Mayonesa picante y Sésamo € 9
36)Salmón Nori: Alga Nori, Salmón, Lechuga Verde, Tobiko Verde,
Mayonesa con Eneldo y Wasabi €15


Salmón €1,30€
Atún € 2
Ebi €1,50
Kanimi € 1
Vieiras €3
Anguilla €2,50
Ika € 1,50
Tamago € 2
Pez Mantequilla €2,50€

Sashimi, 150gr.

Salmón: €15€
Atún €20€
Mix €16€

11. Dinner Menu 

Dinner parties need to have closed menu by max 3 different
alternatives at each course

1. menu €55

Cold smoked salmon rolls with horseradish, served with spinach and Granny Smith apple vinaigrette.

Main course
Grilled beef fillet served with honey roasted root vegetables, potatoes, and semi-dried tomato sauce

Crushed fresh raspberry with meringues and milk chocolate ganache

2. menu € 55

Lukewarm green asparagus with pan-fried scallop on a puree of celeriac and caviar salt

Main course
Duck breast served with semi-dried cherry tomatoes, parmesan and truffle risotto and balsamic reduction

Chocolate covered vanilla mousse with fruit garrison

3. menu € 45

Beef carpaccio with warm parmesan pastry, mini salad, roasted onion

Main course
Seabass braised in white wine sauce flavored with silver onion, and lemon served with vegetable, prawns and a puree made of potatoes

Rhubarb soup with pickled ginger and mascarpone flavored with cinnamon and Bourbon

4. menu € 55

Spanish tapas plate with charcuteries, bellota Ham, manchego, Kalamata olives, Pil Pil shrimp

Main course
Grilled fillet of beef, sauce with truffle asparagus, parmesan potato, grated Foie Gras

When two flavors become one: Apple and vanilla with dried toffee sprinkles

5. menu 65€

Quiche of cheese with grilled lime, lobster, and creme flavored by chives.

Main course
Grilled lamb rack with warm French potato salad and pesto

Lemon pannacotta with raspberry, blueberries, BlackBerry and grated White chocolate

6. menu 65€

Mussel soup with a bed of snow peas with sea delights

Main course
Grilled Chateaubriand served with mild wasabi creme, potato cake with vegetable Symphony

Exotic fruit plate with strawberry cream.

7. menu 50€

Classic prawn cocktail topped with Salmon Roe

Main course
Duck served on the bed of poached leeks, vegetables, roasted garlic, Hasselback potatoes and red wine sauce

Cheese platter with figs, grapes, and biscuits from South Spain

À la carte

Starters and salads:
Salmon tartar with chives, dill, red onion and lemon/horseradish crème Fraiche €12
Red tuna tartar with spring onion, soybeans, and teriyaki €15
Ravioli filled with mushroom crème cheese accompanied with finely chopped spring onion, grated truffle, and foie gras finished with veal bullion €15
Seabass baked Asian styled in banana leaf accompanied with exotic rice salad €15
Deep fried breaded squid filled with asparagus, aioli, Shirischonaise and citrus gremolata €13
Salar boracho: Beetroot and Orujo marinated salmon served with veg-tartar made of mango, papaya, avocado, cherry tomato, red onion, fennel and dijonaise €15
Luxury ensaladilla Rusa served on a glass with mayonnaise/yogurt in the bottom then filled with sexy salad mix and topped with trout caviar and herbs. €12
Caviar Frossery: · 3 kinds of caviar, (trout, rio frio, bleakroe) served with blinis, potato cakes, scallops, crème Fraiche and a citrus selection 25€
Tuna carpaccio temptation: White and red tuna served with caviar yogurt, salad leaves, green tapenade and Taro potato crisps €18
Mexican ceviche (use same ceviche lubina) served in a shell of nachos with pico de gallo, guacamole and fresh lime €15
King size Scallops accompanied with smooth truffled cauliflower puree, crispy Iberian ham garnished with beetroot coulis and mixed tobiko €16
Salad with Tom Kha Gai marinated chicken in pineapple, mango, red onion, cucumber, avocado and lemon grass yogurt and a dash of soy sauce €12
Beef carpaccio served with sun-dried/ parmesan pastry, lemon, mint, wild rocket and a fine selection of herbs €15
Tuna tutti frutti salad accompanied with pomme granite, radish, melon, mango, cucumber, sriracha, soy emulsion and mesclun salad €16

Pan-fried seabass served on coco loco roll, micro salad and gari ginger/ coconut sauce €20
Chipotle glazed Lamb rack accompanied with grilled whole corn, pico de gallo in nacho cup
and warm tomato salsa €25
Vongole linguini white fish, clams, prawns, scallops, peppers, garlic and strong aioli €20
Magret of duck cooked to perfection served with sweet potato wedges, srirachanaise, mango/lemon grass chutney and sesame seeded salad €20
Magret of duck served with romanesco pure, oven baked celeriac, beetroot, and mild plum sauce, décor of small berries and cits €20
Grilled fresh soy marinated Tuna served with shitake filled maki roll, deep fried in tempura and gari salad dashed with teriyaki €25
Surf and turf terminator: 250grams of beef fillet served with half lobster, pan fried foie gras accompanied with truffle risotto and light sherry sauce €35
Cod fillet from north Atlantic served with lemon and herb turned new potato, horseradish gremolata, and mini vegetables €19
8 Gigant Vietnam Tiger prawns served with julienne vegetables, mild Red curry sauce, and jasmine rice €19
Grilled beef entrecote cubs on skewers accompanied with peppers, mushrooms together in Stroganoff sauce and on the side gurkins and basmati rice €22

Dessert: 7€
Banoffee TIRAMISU, Classic tiramisu with roasted banana and caramel
Exotic fruit salad served in a pineapple, flambéed in Grand Marnier served with side vanilla ice cream
Chocolate/orange tart served with fresh berry fruits, orange zest, mango sorbet and chili pepper 7
TROPICAL GINO: Strawberries, kiwi, and banana gratinated with white chocolate served
with coconut ice cream
CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT CHEESECAKE, Smooth vanilla cheesecake rippled with chocolate hazelnut ganache.
MILK CHOCOLATE Toffee Cake Finished with chunks of chocolate brownie and served with vanilla ice cream
PEACH & AMARETTO CHEESECAKE Biscuit base topped with a light white peach cheesecake finished with crushed amaretto biscuits
PANNACOTTA with a summer fruit compote

Created by Chef Dennis Wellerfors